Many Prayers Make a Miracle

“You are not responsible for anyone’s karma,” Dr Ushaganpathi said, in my online consultancy, when my COVID situation was worsening. “Shailesh, you need to destress and rest your body and mind enough so that it works more efficiently to heal your infection.” It was my 8th day of infection, my doctor sounded a bit worried so she counselled me over … Read More

How To Use Your Devices For Spiritual Growth

There are good chances you’re reading this on your smartphone or your laptop. But if we don’t pay attention, these very devices that help us search for spiritual knowledge can become an instrument of Satanic forces that cost us our attunement and devotion. Since these devices pervade our lives more and more, we need to learn how to use them … Read More

Divine Friendships lead to Spiritual Victory

It is often quite hard to live in a community full of people, or let’s say, be in an organization where we work with others. All of us are in some way different from each other, and yet are the same because we are on the spiritual path, whether in the cities, countryside, or elsewhere. Every soul is evolving. And … Read More

Benefits Of Energization Exercises

In 1916 that Paramhansa Yogananda introduced the Yogoda exercises – meaning, that which gives harmony or equilibrium at all levels- body, mind & soul. The teenaged boys in the Ranchi school of Paramhansa Yogananda were greatly benefitted from them. They learned to recharge their body batteries by daily practicing them, and by learning to engage their Willpower and Concentration. When … Read More


My healing experience
– Covid times 2021

In mid-April ’21 we got to know that my father who is 85+ is covid positive. Initial few days, he was administered medicines & oxygen etc at home only under the doctors prescription. In a few days, his condition deteriorated and the oxygen concentrator of 5L capacity was not enough! He was to be admitted to a hospital …at a … Read More


The Power and Practice of Chanting

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.”  - Mozart When I started meditating a little more than 2 years ago, YouTube was my only guide. Most videos told me meditation is about choosing an anchor for the mind - say, the breath - and focusing on … Read More


Lord Give Me More Suffering,
For In Suffering I Feel Closer To Thee

“I will look upon life as God’s dream drama and also dream-entertainment. I will accept as His gift whatever comes to me in life.” These were the words written by Swamiji in the Brahmachari vow (and others) as he established the Nayaswami order – a renunciate order for the new age.  Ever since reading this sentence, I’ve always wondered how … Read More


Faith For The Rational Mind

Today, in this age of science and logic, when everything is questioned unless supported by evidence and reason, people of faith often have a hard time convincing others that they are as sane as anyone else. They either have to give arguments in support of their faith or they have to conceal it. The holy books of all religions, on … Read More


How Ananda Changed My Life

I was in Bangkok, attending conferences and meeting with people. I met investors, potential customers, founders, and friends. We were already incubated and were in talks to raise a round of funding to move to Berlin. The goal was to get clients and grow our business there. But, with time, things started to get a little tense. Our existing and … Read More


I have been getting trained in Indian Classical Music – vocals, for a few years now. One of the sadhanas for the advanced students in Indian music is called a Chilla. Traditionally in this sadhana, the musician had to remain in isolation for a period of 40 days in strict discipline to achieve a very high level of skill, which … Read More