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Are you looking for some peace of mind?

Freedom from anxiety, worry fear and a sense of helplessness?

Do you know you can be happy for no reason? Always happy!

Some of the above is your for the taking – make the right effort now! Come over for the free introduction to meditation.

This session has the potential of getting you started off on an unbelievable journey of discovering your sellf, your true potential and enable you to have a fulfilling life lived joyfully too – under the same set of outer circumstances!

For long term meditators who want that extra punch in their meditation – holding the body still, the mind focussed – we have something for you too!

Learn the basics of the right meditative postures (and the modified ones that your body allows) and one very powerful concentration technique that finds its mention in the Rig Veda.

The combination of the posture and the concentration technique will quickly enable you to reach the deep meditations you have been yearning for.

We have qualified teachers sharing the teachings and the techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda every Saturday.

It will be a joy to have you in class with us. Do come!