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On this Mother’s Day, join us for Sunday Morning Silent Retreat to meditate on and with Divine Mother, tuning into the feminine aspect of God, the vibration saturated with unconditional love. In group meditation, the energy of the group is affected by the consciousness of each individual present. Let us dive deep together in meditation.

Please join us for Sunday Morning Silent Retreat!

9:00 am    Energisation Exercises

9:20 am    Chanting

9:40 am   Doors will close. After that it won’t be possible to enter.

9:45 am    Meditation  (including recording /reading)

11:00 am   Fire Ceremony and Mantras (in temple)

11:15 am    Inspiration

11:25 am    Prayers (Remain in silence for 10 minutes at the conclusion of retreat)


Spiritual Baptism, Sunday 12 May,  11:30 am (following Silent Retreat)

On this special day we’ll celebrate and bless together two our the newest members of our Spiritual Family.