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Please join us for a potluck family picnic with fun activities for kids and adults just around the corner from Guru Prem Ashram in Panchsheel Park.  This is the perfect time to bring your family and friends to meet your Ananda family. (Think of it as a mini family reunion!)

To help us prepare, let Sonali know you’re coming: 9717745457, 9716465953.

Food & drinks Potluck style

Please let us know how many people you are bringing so we can all plan accordingly.

 Please help us prepare enough food and drinks for the picnic by letting us know if you are coming, and if bringing people, how many people you’re bringing.

-If possible, please bring one of the following:

– A favorite dish like an appetizer, heavy hors d’oeuvres.

– A main course dish and drink (better to choose & bring a specific dish—do keep us posted so not over duplication).

– A dessert / fruits.

Engaging in fun activities can increase an appetite and thrist — especially for kids.

 If you are able to bring some plastic chairs, that would be a big help.

Or, can you pleasea bring Dhuri or two  for the ground?

Where is the park?

The park where we’ll have the picnic right next to Step-by-Step Nursery school, in Panchsheel Park North. We will walk or ride together to the park directly after Satsang on Sunday, 18th  February.

Here is the link if you want to look on a google map: