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Guru Purnima – a devotional evening with Nayaswami Dhyana

Inviting the guru into our hearts and lives through stillness and devotion. A Guru Purnima special.

This weekend we honor our beloved Guru, the line of Gurus on this path and all divine messengers of God.

In “God’s Boatman”

Swamiji says, “We are living in an age where the thought of discipleship is not pleasing to most people. It was my own tendency as a young man to be an intellectual rebel. When it came to religion I didn’t think anybody could teach me anything, because, first of all, I assumed that nobody knew anything. Secondly, I thought that finding truth was something that demanded such integrity on one’s own part that to take answers from anyone else would not be staying true to oneself. Finally, I reached the point where I saw that all my efforts to improve myself weren’t getting me anywhere. I would be working on one side of my nature trying to improve that, only to find the other side was beginning to deteriorate for lack of sufficient energy. I recognized also how ignorant I was, and how often things that looked good to me turned for some strange reason not to work out at all. Though I hadn’t even accepted that there was a God, I was desperate to find truth. That was why, though I thought that I’d never say these words to anyone, the first thing I uttered when I met Paramhansa Yogananda was, “I want to be your disciple.”