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The life of Lahiri Mahasaya was noteworthy in many ways: he brought Kriya Yoga back to the world in this age, he served as guru to thousands of disciples, and he also pioneered a new way of life for all spiritual aspirants, of complete inner renunciation while honoring all responsibilities. In this he demonstrated that the highest Divine perceptions are not barred to householders.

Yoganandaji refers to this inner renunciation in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “To fulfill one’s earthly responsibilities is indeed the higher path, provided the yogi, maintaining a mental uninvolvement with egotistical desires, plays his part as a willing instrument of God.”

Join us for an evening of quiet inspiration as we offer tribute to the life and teachings of this great yogi on his Mahasamadhi – a yogi’s final conscious exit from his body.

“Greater he was, as man and yogi, than any other teacher whose life came within the range of my investigations.” – Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri