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Bring your children to this monthly program which helps direct their boundless energies inwardly, through prayers, affirmation, chanting, nature games and other activities. We aim to foster the moral and spiritual development of children that they may be prepared to face life’s challenges with the inner strength and conviction of truth. Bring your children!

This month’s program takes children into the world of Ramayana. We all know the epic, but do we really understand the messages Lord Rama is trying to teach us by playing different roles? Spiritual Sunday for Children includes stories, prayers, affirmation, chanting, nature games and other activities which help direct children’s boundless energies inwardly.

For more details on this initiative, click here or contact Megha (9811272231).

Parent’s Testimonial

“Spiritual Sunday is the best platform for kids to understand and learn the importance of gratitude, joy, patience, and positive attitudes. I can see changes in emotions in my daughter.”

– Shalini, mother of Ananya