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Do you want to experience how Hatha Yoga practices would help your meditation? Then, join this Ananda Yoga workshop.

Ananda Yoga, often called “Spiritual Yoga”, are gentle and inward. It guides you to become more aware of the flow of energy in the body, releasing energy blockages and uplifting your consciousness.

Asanas and pranayamas are excellent adjuncts to meditation. They can do much more than merely prepare your body to sit comfortably; they can calm and internalize your mind, and help you direct your energy and consciousness inward and upward.

Then, just as the first stage of a rocket drops away and the second stage takes over to boost a satellite into orbit, so also can meditation techniques lift you toward the lofty state of meditation.

– Excerpt from Spiritual Yoga

The workshop will include warm-up, asana and pranayama practices, deep relaxation, and end with a short meditation.