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Learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s healing techniques for awakening the divine healing energy that flows within each individual. These techniques have been found to overcome physical, mental and spiritual diseases. In this workshop, we will discuss:

– What is the power of Spirit?
– How does the power of Spirit help us?
– Who can access it?
– How does the power of Spirit flow through you?
– Do’s and Don’ts to experience the power of Spirit
– Experiential
– Q&A

Registration Fee: ₹ 200
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Join Sumitra Ramji and Rashmi Krishnan for this class.

Dr. Sumitra Ramji has been associated with Ananda Sangha since 2011.

After two decades of career as dental surgeon, Sumitra followed her inner calling to become a counsellor. She has been guiding both students and parents for 15 years.

Sumitra is a certified Ananda Yoga and Healing teacher. Sumitra is actively involved in Ananda Delhi center and Kriya Yoga Homestudy (online meditation courses in English and Hindi), joyfully sharing the teachings of Yogananda and mentoring many truth seekers.

Rashmi Krishnan has served her country for 35 years as an IAS officer. Rashmi joined Ananda Sangha in 2011, where she found answers to many deep questions about life and her spiritual quest. Rashmi has been actively sharing the teachings of Yogananda through classes and workshops on various spiritual topics. She leads Ananda Delhi’s healing initiative along with Sumitra and Bindu.

To know more about healing prayer technique taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, watch this video by Mary Kretzmann. Mary is the Director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry. She has many years of experience as a spiritual healer.

For more information call: Roshu 9899200605
Or write to us at deepika@anandaindia.org