More Space to Grow In and Grow within

Please join your energy with ours

As you already know we will be shortly moving our Noida Ashram to a new place in Sector 40 during this auspicious time of our Guru Paramhansa Yoganandaji birth anniversary.
The new Ashram will help us serve the ever growing work of Babaji and Yoganandaji and reach out to many more souls and serve better the existing ones. Let’s accommodate more devotees for Satsang, Sadhna, Classes and Seva.
We want to offer this opportunity for Devotees to contribute financially.
 Divine Mother, we offer these needs at your feet. Guide us according to Your will.
Tentative Budget Needed:
☘ Rent Deposit and Rent:  Rs 1,10,000/-
☘ Brokerage: Rs 50,000/-
☘ Altar: Rs 50000/-
☘ Carpet for Temple: Rs 75,000/-
☘ Chairs for temple: Rs 1,50,000/-
☘ Audio system(Amplifier etc) Rs 50,000/-
☘ Garden set up and plants: Rs 10,000/-
☘ Whitewash and cleaning: Rs 15,000/-
☘ Curtains and other interiors: Rs 15,000/-
☘ Shifting expense: Rs 15,000/-
☘ Inaugral Function: Rs 50,000/-
Total expected expense: Approx Rs 6,00,000/-
By the grace of Divine Mother we have already received a Donation of approx Rs 100000/-( 1 Lakh)
☘ You can contribute whatever amount you feel like.
☘ For mode of payment and other details please contact Apram at +91 9971798305 or Mr YK Mathur at +91 9899113807.
* We need this money ASAP. Preferably in the coming week.
“Without your assistance, the work cannot go on…..All of you who wish to offer much-needed help, now or future, I bless”.
– Paramahansa Yogananda.