Imagine. All your life you have been singing a song. A strange music, which only you could hear. When you shared it with those around, they couldn’t understand, resonate, to appreciate was far.

And then comes a letter. A letter that will fly you to a place where ALL people understand the music you were listening. All live in harmony abiding in the peace that the music of that Song brings. This letter for me was the movie – ‘Finding Happiness’. A docu-drama on the real life of a spiritual community in California. After watching that movie, and meeting Swamiji in Spirit in 2019, It felt like all my prayers that my heart mutely sent out through decades were heard at once. Like they travelled many universes looking for the answer, and now the creation boomeranged me with an Answer.

The movie, isn’t just a movie – it is the nectar of the full-life’s work of Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of nineteenth century Yoga Master Paramhansa Yogananda. And the testimony of his life was the consciousness of the people in the community. All involved in the filming of project – as a spectator one can tell, that they all were operating from a place of Higher awareness.

Swamiji, exemplified the life of an ideal disciple. Gurus are many he said, the world needs examples of the ‘disciples’ to follow now. Living with Yogananda ji last few years of his life, Swamiji was able to attune himself to the perfectly God realized Master. Manifesting 8 intentional spiritual communities worldwide, over 150 books and 400 pieces of music – Swamiji, helped create a bridge to the teaching of this path for every individual just for where he/she was. A gentle nudge, full of love – that opens a window of Grace, for each seeker to find his divine potential. This was the story of Swamiji. He was able to immediately see and relate with the highest aspect of any person, and this lifted up the person to be able to ‘see’ who he really was – through Swamijis eyes.

I never met Swamiji, missed his incarnation completely – but never for once did it seem that I have not known him before. The joy and bliss and he carried in his heart, reminds me of Christ. A clear channel of God’s consciousness is God himself. And when God flows, a special wind of grace follows us wherever we go. In Ananda, I have found that grace – in all I have met.

Autobiography of a Yogi changed many lives. I read it in 2012, but I had to come to my Guru Paramhansa Yogananda and God, through this “Letter” from Ananda in 2019. The fruits Masters’ teachings being lived in lives, helped me access and understand the teachings in a way that I couldn’t miss (thankfully). And what a total Gift is that. No longer did I need to flee to the mountains, when I found Saints living just few miles away! Each person’s life and energy spoke to me – radiant with God’s joy and a love for service. The principles of ‘high thinking and simple living’ and walking the path of Self-realisation with soul-friends – felt like entering a laboratory of Self-exploration and expansion. Ananda communities are a cultivated environment for nurturing soul-growth.

Living in God and serving him was Swamiji’s whole life, and he has left us a bounty of spiritual resources that can help us absorb & share the Light further. On his Birth Anniversary, I bring all the gratitude that my heart can hold, and offer it to him. Sharing Swamiji’s song that filled my heart with bliss. I hope you find it as a ‘call’ to experience a richer and a fulfilling life, lived for God.

Emerald Isle:

Come hear, while I sing you of emerald hills,
Of valleys and meadows so fair

That all who have seen them have carried away
Memories in their hearts, friends, like the lilacs of May:

Oh, my song is the story of the lilacs of May.
My song is the story of deer on the hills,

Of larks that soar, seeking the sun,
Of nightingales lifting the curtain of night

As with music they bring down heaven’s blessing of light:
Oh, my song is the story of God’s blessing of light.

Come join me in singing of that emerald isle,
Of flow’rs that, like jewels, besprinkle the lea,

Of waterfalls eager to embrace the wide sea
As we with our Maker united would be,

As we with our Maker reunited would be.
Come hear, while I sing you of emerald hills,

Of valleys and meadows so fair
That all who have seen them have carried away

Memories in their hearts, friends, like the lilacs of May:
Oh, my song is the story of the lilacs of May.

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  1. Beautiful Sonal.
    You have beautifully poured your heart out.
    God bless you great soul.
    Wishing you Gurus light and grace always.

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