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Ananda Delhi

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N-100, Panchsheel Park
New Delhi, India
+91- 9899200605

Finding Joy in Everything

The Inner Kingdom

Kriya Yoga and the Flow of Grace

Spiritual Sunday for Parents and Children

Kriya Yoga Meditation – Basic Course (Level I) both English and Hindi

Spiritual Sunday for Parents

Guided Meditation for Everyone

Spiritual Family Movie Night

“SELF-RELIANCE vs. Self- Reliance” Satsang

‘Master and I’ – Group discussion with Amit and Sujata

Spiritual Sundays for Children

“Self Effort, Too, Is Needed” Satsang

Kirtan with Brahmachari Jemal

“Everlasting Youth – Reclaim it” – A Workshop for Youth

“Finding God while Fulfilling One’s Earthly Duties”

The Secret of Creativity – A Class by Brahmachari Jemal

CHAKRAS – 7 keys to Transformation

Kirtan with Bara and Shamini

“Does God Hide The Truth?” – Inspirational Satsang

“The Joy of Nature”: an experiential workshop by Bara and Shamini

Guru Purnima Kirtan and Meditation

Guru Purnima Special Inspirational Satsang

Super-Consciousness Heals!

“The Spirit of Ananda”Special Inspirational Satsang

The Kundalini Power and How to Work With It

Spiritual Sunday for Children – FREEDOM!

“The Forces of Darkness and Light” Satsang by Keshava and Daya

Yogananda’s Healing Prayer Session

Ananda Yoga to Harmonize your Body, Mind, and Soul

“Truth Invites; It Never Commands” Inspirational Satsang

“Kechari Mudra and Other Techniques to Awaken the Spine”

“The Gift of Spiritual Family” – Inspirational Satsang

Janmashtami Morning Celebrations

Janmashtami Evening Celebrations

Fire ceremony & Meditation

“How to Find Ones Own Duty” Satsang by Brahmachari Jemal

Swami Kriyananda’s Discipleship Anniversary – Devotional Kirtan

Satsang Honoring Lahiri Mahasaya’s Birth Anniversary

“Open the Conscious Mind to Superconsciousness”

Talk by Philip Goldberg, author of “The Life and Times of Yogananda”.

Spiritual Fair: “Tools and Techniques For A Happier Life”

Devotional Evening in Honor of Lahiri Mahasaya’s Mahasamadhi

Satsang Honoring Lahiri Mahasaya’s Birth Anniversary

Ananda Yoga to Sharpen Your Concentration

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Retreat – Practicing Ahimsa in Daily Life

“In Surrender Lies Victory” Satsang with Guest Speaker, Tyagi Surendra

“Dealing with Death and Dying” Class by Tyagi Surendra

“Victory Requires Firmness of Faith” Satsang

Kriya Meditation – Aum and Discipleship Series (Level III)

Maha Ashtami Kirtan

Satsang Celebrating Durgashtami

Ananda Yoga – Energize Your Life

Experiential Workshop “Paramhansa Yogananda’s Healing Techniques”

Morning meditation

“Those Who Worship Me, Come to Me” Satsang by Nayaswamis Pranaba & Parvati

Q & A on the Topic of Renunciation, with Nayaswamis Pranaba & Parvati

“We Are Children of the Light”, Diwali Satsang

Diwali Morning Devotional Ceremony & Gathering

“Faith is a Call to Prayer; Prayer is a Call to Faith” Satsang

Kriya Yoga Meditation – Kriya Preparation (Level IV)

Ananda Yoga

Devotional Kirtan

Experiential Workshop “The Chakras – Seven Gates to Freedom”

“Secrets of Self-Transformation” Satsang

“Deepening Kriya Practice” with Tyagis Daya & Keshava (Only for Kriyabans)

“Living in the Presence of God” Satsang

Yogic Techniques for Clearing Energy Blocks

Using Bandhs and Mudras to Deepen Your Sadhna

Ananda Yoga Retreat

“Applying the Yoga Sutras to Deepen Your Asana Practice” by Acharya Murali

“Taking Care of Joints and Injuries” by Acharya Murali

“The Law of Karma – Bondage, or Soul-Release”

“The History and Lineage of Yoga” by Acharya Murali

“How to Become A Saint ” Inspirational Satsang

Healing Prayers

A Joyful Christmas Decorating Afternoon!

Pre-Christmas Kirtan

Spiritual Sunday for Children – “Christmas Message”

“What was the Star of Bethlehem?” Satsang

“Deepening Kriya Practice” with Tyagis Daya & Keshava (Only for Kriyabans)

Annual Eight-hour Christmas Meditation

Annual Eight-Hour Christmas Meditation

Christmas Satsang and Celebration

Christmas Satsang and Celebration

“Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God,” Satsang with Nayaswami Dhyana

“Entering the Portals of the New Year”, Class with Nayaswami Dhyana

New Year’s Eve Meditation, Chanting, and Fire Ceremony

Paramhansa Yogananda’s Birthday Celebration

Guided Meditation in Hindi

Satsang Honoring Paramhansa Yogananda’s Birthday

Kriya Yoga Meditation – Basic Course (Level I)

Ananda Yoga to Sharpen Your Concentration

Ananda Yoga to Sharpen Your Concentration

Harmonium Classes

Group Meditation (Before Kirtan)

Guided Meditation for Everyone

Guided Meditation for Everyone

Harmonium Classes

Harmonium Classes

Harmonium Classes

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